“It isn’t that deep…”

So this morning I slept in, it’s my last chance so I figured I’d get up when Jenny Murray told me to (for those of you not addicted to Radio 4 that’s when Woman’s Hour comes on ie. 10am) so I did and then spent the morning doing chores which included popping to Asda and picking up Wrong Mike’s dry-cleaning. This afternoon I thought I’d be nice and give FJ a lift home from his first day at work…this would have given him a nice short-cut to meeting Lexy in town…would have…

See I love the road the Golden Ball is on and there was a queue along the Asda…in short I took a shortcut down a road which is inaccessible at High Tide and mis-judged the depth of a large puddle…by quite a lot actually… Apparently James Dean’s last conversation was with his mechanic went something like this;

“Woah…watch out.”
“That guy’s gotta stop… He’ll see us.”

FJ and I had a conversation like this;

“This looks pretty deep. You don’t want to flood the car.”
“It isn’t that deep…”

(Cue FJ laughing at me. Wuetherich never laughed at Dean)

So there we were, significantly deeper in the water that I had expected. So FJ rolled his nice trousers up put on his trainers and clambered out to push the car out of the water as I steered. Out of the water we determined that a three point turn was necessary to get the car facing up the slope so that water would more easily drain out of the exhaust. Luckily the engine was at least turning over at this point. Even if the White Van drove past us, through the water, at speed and managed to cover us in muddy water again – I really wanted those guys to stall. A nice man in a jeep towed us a little further up the road where we waited and I had to make another phonecall to Lexy to explain that I’d been an idiot with Dominic again.

Took FJ home to dry his feet and feed him stew apologetically.

Then I got a call from the guy I scraped in Pizza Hut. I took off half a centimetre of paint from his bumper (and felt paranoically bad about it). Wrote him a note. The guy who bumped into Dominic didn’t leave a note. I owe this guy

3 thoughts on ““It isn’t that deep…”

  1. Poor Dominic! He’s been through the wars lately.

    Re: the Party
    I believe my description was Russian Roulette at a bulimic support group.

    I need to keep my murderous dark urges under better control, clearly. After all, I’m only wee and small and fragile.
    Should probably stop carrying the Ginger One around for best effect…

    It was a very lovely party. Thank you for hosting 🙂

  2. Another flip for Dominic?

    [Sorry, really bad old ‘Play For Today’ in-joke that precious few folk reading this are going to have any chance of getting.]

    Last time I was passing Snatchems, and we were unsure of the depth of the puddles, Mel got out and walked it first. Shame she didn’t have a red flag! 🙂

    Hope the world treats you well!

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