So when FJ came round to pick me up for Spanish this evening we both turned to each other to say ‘Tengo trabajo’…which translates to – I have a job! I’ve been kind of nervous about blogging about this. I got invited to interview in Wesham the other week, and I didn’t get that job but got reccomended for another instead and it’s the other that I’ve got – three months minute taking in Wesham for Social Services. I can definitely deal with this. I haven’t told people really because the last few times I’ve thought I had a job it’s kind of evaporated…I’m still a bit nervous that this one will. Still, here’s hoping.

This year I really feel like I’m achieveing things. All I need is that publishing contract! We got Fish n Chips to celebrate and decided to go walking tomorrow. I hope the weather’s ok.

So, Live System – mostly written, manuscript – not yet finished, Job – three months worth. Today I’ve got pretty much everything I need sorted for Kari’s birthday. I’m overly excited about everything. This year is going right somehow.

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