I really need to give this website a bit of a make-over. Any reccomendations about how to go about learning CSS would be gratefully recieved.

So, I’ve updated my CV and I’ve been dutifully sending it off with variations on the covering letter M-i-L wrote for me and I’ve got an interview near Preston in a couple of weeks. I’m practicing typing with my acrylic nails as part of the interview is a typing test and I need to get really fast with these damned things – to be honest I am quite fast I think, the problem is that I really don’t touch type and compared with professionals…well… you know.

Anyway, at least it’s an interview.

In other news I’m still having to take things lightly on the sprained ankle with the result that last week I earnt precisely nothing. No gardening=no pay and I can’t garden. Well I certainly can’t do the hefty things which Eric’s garden requires, I’m hoping to be able to go and weed My Gentleman Friend’s garden this week though. I am, at least in the black as far as my overdraft is concerned – thankyou Eric’s Garden! My credit card bill on the otherhand is not looking deeply happy with me. I need a job. I am determined to get to Peru next year with FJ and do just as many of the things we we’ve talked about as possible.

Yesterday was the LURPS AGM…I hate AGMs. Someone started talking about the constitution and thats enough to make me want to kill myself. I enjoyed the fact that it was a democratic election in that multiple people stood. I wasn’t overly thrilled at some of the pitches though, some people seemed to have taken on board that it’s an organisation and they can do things with it, other people just seemed to be doing the whole I want to be with my friends thing… I’m probably being unfair there actually. Maybe I just really miss being able to do things – yes the lack of a job makes me feel impotent! It was also the Silent Hill game run by FJ, I actually found it deeply scary despite the fact we hardly did anything, I think it was the scene in a narrow confined, dark space with scary scary things trying to reach in at us from beneath a mesh floor.

The Naiad and the Nymph were teasing me today about being a roleplayer…I am, and I see it as an extension of my creative writing. One of the reasons I love making a system with FJ is that it influences and tells on setting and I deeply enjoy creative collaboration. Admittedly things on that front may have gone further than I’d imagined possible with the Unknown Armies game I play on Wednesdays…but then it’s a long game and I seem to have put a great deal of myself into it.

Today has been quite good fun actually, I’ve managed to get quite a bit done. A lot of that includes cooking. I do like cooking, I find it stress-relieveing. People won’t believe me I know but it is true.

Right, more things to do, let me at ’em!

3 thoughts on “Overhaul

  1. That’s largely why I like making concrete the systems of the world – what can be done and what can’t. I have no imagination to speak of, just a series of conclusions along the lines of "If we’ve established this, and these people do this, then this this and this will happen".

  2. You know we don’t mean anything by it 😉 I find cooking good stress relief too, which is great as Mr C. finds eating my cooking good stress relief.

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