Sunday Roast

I may have left M-i-L’s a little later than I’d planned after the movies last night – I really loved ‘Get Shorty’ but seriously complex plot! It ws a fun night. I’m so chuffed that people enjoyed Run Lola Run, I was kinda worried they wouldn’t. I’m also scared by how much of Labyrinth, Withnail & I and Fear & Loathing I actually know.

Anyway, I was up vaguely this morning, and in enough time to make a roast had I been fully mobile. The sprain is becoming gradually more mobile. Mobile enough for FJ and I to want to discuss prospective routes tomorrow anyway. The roast was only an hour late and my parents used the time to give me some new boots, which are very comfy and very warm. They also found my kite and the remains of my train set… I havean urge to do something with it but gods know what.

I don’t have a close relationship with my parents, I kind of wish I did but on the whole it’s ok, you get used to things. I do worry about them though. Whenever they had worries about me or my sister during adolescence they’d bring it up with the other of us and/or keep quiet. So now I’m left wondering what to do with this. How do I ask my parents how much they’re drinking…and is it really my business?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Roast

  1. The opposite approach works equally well.

    Me and my sister conspire against the rest of the family on the grounds that we trust each other to have the others back.

  2. Belatedly, the comparison for Get Shorty’s plot occurs; a roleplaying game where each party has their own, overlapping interests and the PCs simply stumble into a lot of things.

    As to the boozing – keep an eye on behaviour next time you’re staying there. You should be able to get a guide from that. Unless it’s a pretty epic amount, I shouldn’t sweat it.

  3. Aunty Iris and I would’ve been there but we’re still bloody moving house due to a change of mind.

    We didn’t have anything to bring though, most of the films I consider ‘must watch’ are quite tragic and on my computer.

    We did think of Labyrinth though, which I’m glad to see you guys already had.

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