Well I’ve now had my sixth ever migraine. Thanks to everyone who was lovely and luvly last night, sorry if I was rude but hope you can forgive me for feeling awful.

Now a brief announcement:

Giggles and Radio Steve are staying with me next weekend. On Friday night at 8pm I shall be having a BBQ and symbl in gentle celebration of the fact that it is May. There may be some Beltane undertones but it’s going to be a fairly mixed gathering of both Pagans and Christians so it will be gently spiritual in tone.

Those of you just interested in the meat can feel free to pop inside whilst we stand in the back yard passing around the mead, and pop back out when we’re done. All are welcome to join in, if you’ve got any questions pop them up here.

Oh and the BBQ is a bring your own meat/vegetarian alternative affair though I will provide salads, sauces and some buns.

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