Good Weekend

I’m going to pretend the drive from work which took two hours in Friday Evening traffic didn’t happen.

Friday night movies with the Jellicle and Wrong Mike was a great start to the weekend. I completely reccomend The Midnight Meat Train to anyone with any involvement in Unknown Armies – it is definitely creepier than the gore-fest I was expecting but then it was originally a short story by Clive Barker. (That’s also apparently creepy).
Taken was also fun, Liam Neeson – epic badass!!!!!!! Though I kept looking at it and wondering how Liam Neeson himself is because of his wife.

Lazy snuggling in bed is a good thing TM. Saturday was most enjoyable with me getting my nails done in the afternoon before hitting the shops with The Princess and the Honorary Bitch. Incidentally, the nail extensions this time are pink and glittery. It looks like I asked a six year old her idea of the perfect colour for nails. (PS. I miss my pink hair). In anycase it went with the dress almost perfectly.

The Princess and HB went home because she was feeling ill and doesn’t want to be for next week. Me and the Jellicle went on to Dark Side preparation time at M-i-L’s place. The Goat and Aunty Iris were there already and so we opened the red wine and ate pasta with gusto, then M-i-L did my make-up. I set off to Saturday’s Dark Side fully prepped to see exactly how dancing into a trance state would work. That was my aim and I was covered in butterflies and eating chocolate muffins because it was Xochiquetl that I was interested in.
It worked. The trance I mean, it took me maybe an hour and a half or two hours of pretty solid dancing to feel myself really go. But I went and just kept on dancing. She did turn up, there wasn’t exactly riding as I understand it but something reasonably close happened. She left around half an hour before the end and I did not come off the dance floor. So that was an interesting experiment and now I feel like I have further options when it comes to workings.

Sunday was chilled out. The Jellicle and I listened to the Archers in bed, as is the only proper way of listening to the Archers, and nommed noodles. Nommed is a technical term of course. Then Sunday afternoon, when he’d come back from Go club, me and the Jellicle Cat sat and expermented with trance techniques and visualisations under the auspices of Cornish Bloke. Again, I can’t help but feel I’ve had a hugely spiritual, if slightly unusual, weekend. Once everyone had left I headed off to Lexy and FJ’s place for roast dinner and cakes and Wallace & Gromit! Very cool. There is something very lovely abour rounding off a weekend curled up on a sofa with FJ and Lexy.

Happy Mish sets off into her week.

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