So the new job continues apace and pretty well. The plot debates for the Sepember Yellow Sign event are eating my life…so is Colin and I can’t stop calling him that dammit!

The Jellicle has said before now that I am powerful because I have no secrets, well I have no secrets from him obviously, but I have secrets, they’re just highly defined and very specific. But I do agree with him, the less dark corners in my head the better (for various reasons) I finally jettisoned one of them the other day after some consultation, it’s taken a while, it’s gone. Now time to move on.

Today I shared my love of Japanese food with my Spanish class (thanks to FJ!) and learned where not to park in my work’s carpark.

It’s M-i-L’s birthday next week. Life is mostly looking up, I don’t think things are supposed to all go the way you meant and emotions are tricky buggers. We should always be missing someone I guess.

I’m beginning to look forward to a family holiday over Easter, I’m mostly pretty chilled.

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