A Meme From Erfie and Harry Potter

Bit of a meme for the Lancaster folk.

Post 10 things that you’ve done since moving to Lancaster that you’re proud and pleased to have done. Stuff that you look back on and remember and smile about and feel good about.

I should point out that this is in roughly chronological order. You may notice that there is a theme and that many of these events are not necessarily what others would regard as achievements, I do.

1) Helped get Pagan Soc and Writers Guild up off the ground together with the Naiad and Archie respectively.

2) Held parties that acquired a reputation and became a confident and mostly competent hostess.

3) Took part in several protests in Lancaster, Manchester and London including taking over University House and chanting on the roof.

4) Climbed several mountains and some very big hills.

5) Worked with Mexican Street children for a summer. Travelled across the east coast and mid-west of America and later lived in Japan

6) Figured out that I love multiple person polyamorous relationships and am most comfortable in them. Done almost all of the sexual fantasies I had when I was eighteen.

7) Worked for and passed my teaching certificate and later my driver’s licence.

8) Have been held partially responsible for some very good developments in other people’s characters and sense of selves, even if I don’t agree that I caused them I’m still proud that they think I did.

9) Raised over £500 for Marie Curie Cancer Care

10) Written (and am writing) three manuscripts, incalculable poems and characters, several short stories and almost a live system. Worked out that I can write practically even if I’m not yet published…that’s the next thing.

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