An Evil Meme

‘So many, if not all, of the characters we play are good men and women at heart. But in another world, where something went wrong, they become nightmares.

What’s their story? ‘

A meme from Man of Taste.

A lot of the characters I play are quite extreme and some people have said they’re evil, they’re not…as I discussed with Bilbo earlier, there’s always so much worse they could have done. I’m limiting myself to characters I am currently playing. In any case, the alternate universe is made of:

Bunny (VIP – Live system)

Currently in the real world Bunny is still a ghoul, obsessed with George who didn’t use her like most men she met use a prostitute and stripper and when she discovered his vampire obsession with power and control she just fell for him completely…making Bunny evil is kind of difficult because she’s a character based around discoverey of empowerment in wierd ways. There’s nothing good or evil about her, she’s very amoral. However, her current understanding of how best to please George with demonstrations of subservience could be corrupted…after all George likes it when powerful women declare their subservience to him…therefore Bunny could spend all her time becoming powerful simply to put all the world at George’s feet…

Suzanne (Unknown Armies)

Suzanne’s central tenet is that she is right about where Chicago should be, her saving grace is that she believes that people’s free will should have some say in the matter. As soon as she believes that she along is responsible for Chicago then I’d go with her being evil! I mean, only she can save Chicago so you have to do exactly as she commands. Of course you do. Else she’ll ask Alex to kill you, or Paradise, or do it herself..slowly.

Anna (Unknown Armies)

A Mexican charity worker who was blinded and raped by people wanting her to stop speaking out for the voiceless. She didn’t and instead started channelling the Blind Warrior. She is to some extent powered by an urge for revenge. If she ever satisfied that urge, took her revenge on those who are left and then kept going in the name of justice, then I can see Anna being evil…of course if Selene ever told her this it might stop her…love for Selebe is bigger even than her love of justice.

S’au Nam (Obsidian Arcana)

See our Bride of Ott, our Daughter of Ott could never become evil on her own but…she’s very happy to follow Ott’s commands. Afterall, he is the honourable god. Actually I can see evil embracing her quite easily as her faith in her God is absolute…and given what Steamy is doing with her god evil might be the way she genuinely goes!

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