Trekkies and Christianity

Star Trek 4 was an amusing movie, I mean c’mon (it’s the one with the Whales), it’s funny. The media, when it came out, was mostly of the opinion that though it was a good movie Trekkies wouldn’t like it because, everyone knows that the stereotype of the Trekkie is true. Ie. we are nerds in a corner who have no sense of humour.

Johnny Cash famously sang at Folsom prison, a reporter said that given as most of his audience were Christians didn’t he think they’d object to Johnny Cash singing to comfort prisoners. (Because the stereotype of Christians is true – they are humourless prissy snobbish middle-class types). Of course Johnny Cash’s reply, that if they did think like that ‘they weren’t very good Christians’ holds true.

The media has this stereotype that all religions hate each other, that Christians are this, Muslims are this and if we pagans get a look in they usually go for the dippy hippy stereotype (bet the Heathens hate that…) I think that that’s why a lot of Christians seem to almost feel ashamed of their faith. I hate it, if you believe it be proud, there have been too many discriminations against Paganism for me to feel comfortable with anyone seeming to apologise for their faith. Of course my faith doesn’t have me condemning anyone to hell for believeing other than I do, I can see how that might be a bit socially embarrassing but if you believe it then believe it. Just don’t be a dick about it. Most Christians don’t tend to be.

Most Trekkies have a sense of humour too.

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