A New Thing

So, I have resigned for the first time ever.

I have lost jobs, been made redundant (never been fired), finished contracts, been told there’s no work left for me to do and have been given a variety of interesting excuses as to why I shouldn’t come to work tomorrow. This week I resigned.

I feel bizarrely liberated and utterly terrified.

I’m going to go freelance, doing the same job as a friend of mine, MoT, and there are no guarantees that this will work. It should do and I know that I can do the work but…I’m terrified it won’t.

I love working in the office I currently work in. I love going to work with the people who are there. I’ve been really lucky in terms of my last two office environments – nice people really make a place. But the amount of relief I feel…well I don’t like hearing the stuff I hear at work. I think what really gets to me is that I used to have a professional job which could have allowed me to make a difference to some of these children, but now I just listen and type.

I know that it’s gotten to me because I feel a sense of definite relief since I did the resigning thing and I know damn well what’s been stressing me and it isn’t my colleagues. Next year I want to finish a book that the publishers like even the end of.

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