I was a very awkward and annoying child to bring up. I was knackered and grumpy and rubbish at all sports except swimming. Yet I loved walking and skiing and people found it wierd that I’d throw myself into climbing and abseiling and all the rest of it when cross-country running and even hockey would kill me.
Of course going skiing was an absolute pleasure because abroad in the snow my allergies were less in evidence and I suspect that the reason I loved swimming was because there are very few things in a swimming pool to be allergic to (except the chlorine…)
Once at university I relaxed and by ‘I’ I mean my body which had been under assault from all the allergens the Green County could throw at me. Suddenly I was a much nicer person because I didn’t feel like shit all the time. Not feeling unwell was something of a revelation.

I’m back in the self-pitying stage of allergy here in the White County and spent much of the evening in the bath trying to stop sneezing and itching. Oh hello Christmas with The Jellicle’s family…lucky you met me in David’s Town really.

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