FJ and Gifts

I have had many lovers over the years. I like to keep things to remind me of them, often they are gifts, sometimes (as in the case of Cornish Bloke’s jumper) they’re things I’ve stolen.
My darling Jellicle Cat actually gave me a ring, however I have noticed that of all my lovers it is FJ that has given me gifts that will last a lifetime.

I have a cigar end from FFG, I keep it very carefully (along with other cigar ends). As previously mentioned I nicked a jumper that Cornish Bloke never got back (it goes everywhere with me), from Giggles and My Hero I have a build your own bear called Cassie – as well as a tattoo, from My Gentleman Friend I have a boar’s tusk…however such things may be lost, even a tattoo can be lasered off…

Broken bones on the other hand…

On various escapades with FJ I have chipped the bone on a finger, broken my little toe (not much of a thing as it’s always getting broken) and more noticably broken my leg. The little toe is continually getting broken and reset and so I’m not convinced it’s actually in the shape it was when I broke it with FJ, the chip of bone taken off my finger if I run my fingers over it is still feelable but I have gradually noticed that I can feel weather changes (ie. air pressure changes) in my healed broken leg.

Talk about a gift that will last and last, seriously thanks FJ – I’ll never forget you!

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