Itchy itchy itchy

I am red from head to toe. However I’m breathing better this year – I suspect prescription anti-histamines – THANKYOU M-I-L.

The Jellicle has said we can come home tomorrow which I feel awful about because I quite like his parents and this Christmas with them is very strange…well I suspect it’s actually quite usual but I didn’t have to help clear the house in preparation for a party, I’m still sober as I’ve had one glass of wine with dinner which wasn’t totally over the top and it’s so quiet!

I should point out that over the course of my life Christmas has usually consisted of half the village descending upon my house, getting rip-roaring drunk and then a staggering amount of food whilst in the drunken stupour that I will have been in since at least Christmas Eve and that will last until I’ve left (or in the case of when I still lived at home possibly until the day before I went back to school and certainly until New Year). I have also had Christmases in my own flat in Japan and that involved role-playing all day – on one occasion with a bottle of Jack and communicating only in ‘pika pika pika’ (it was a Pokemon game). Then there was the year before last which The Jellicle and I spent at FJ and Lexy’s place and introduced them to the proper traditions of Boxing Day (computer games). But I suspect this is my first real family Christmas the way that they’re supposed to be (ie. not with all of your neighbours being unable to walk home in time for lunch).

I rang The Green County of course and was treated to a chorus of ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’, it sounded loud, large and very jolly in the background. I didn’t exactly miss it. It’s been rather nice here, would have been better if I’d felt less ill and no one is letting me help which kind of makes me feel a little out of sorts. No-Pause-For-Breath made nice comments about my cranberry sauce (not as alco-riffic as last year by any means) and everyone seems to have enjoyed my truffles (of course predictably when my sister’s were got out this morning people all tasted what truffles should taste like – le sigh!)

I’m looking forward to M-i-L’s next year and of course, already planning New Year. The Princess and Honorary Bitch have already got plans so of course their Christmas present was a candy-floss maker for New Year! Right…now to play Monty Python fluxx!

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