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Preparing for the party – can’t find a bottle of kahlua but seem to have most other types of alcohol (it seems most unfair given my favourite coctail is a White Russian). I love this stuff. I’ve remarked before on the fact that The Dark Side has saved my life, and that I feel so utterly alive and right on the dancefloor but always, always, always my first love is giving parties.

I got a 2:2 at uni as far as academia goes but I really did learn how to throw a party. I dunno, I don’t think I quite got to 1st status but I reckon in terms of parties I did get a 2:1. My ‘Last Ever Student Party’ was epic. It really did have the whole gamut of sex, drugs and rock n roll, I feel the jacuzzi really added to that. But now my parties have changed, I would say that there was less sex…except that the last tequila party I threw only had less sex because we were so drunk some of us passed out (so not looking at myself or the Blue Cat) and what it lacked in sex it seemed to make up for in dodgy lesbian kink and edgeplay…so on that front I’d say my parties (or that one at anyrate) have certainly matured in that they are much more for an adult audience.

There are definitly less drugs, whether that’s because I own my own place or because Archie works for the police I decline to comment but the fact that the laws have tightened up since I was a student probably have a lot to do with it.

The rock n roll – well The Jellicle’s in charge of the music tomorrow so we’ll see, but rock n roll’s about a feeling more than anything else. I don’t expect the crazy tomorrow but then I don’t know who intends to behave well and who badly. The lack of a lock on the bathroom door does at least mean should anyone pass out we can get to them, but of course it’s been not quite ten years since I was a Fresher so we’ve all matured wonderfully since then (and by matured wonderfully I mean progressed from sex in a jacuzzi to edgeplay in the living room).

For those of you who are coming in the afternoon it will be civilised.

For those of you coming to the party. I am reinstating my three rules as a result of the last party.

1. All booze is communal and goes in the kitchen.
2. Smoking in the backyard only.
3. No sex before midnight, that way everyone gets to come to the party and feel comfortable.

I cannot believe I just reinstated the three rules.

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  1. 5. No looking like your going to vomit or I’ll have the Brute Squad throw you out in the street and beat you with sticks.

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