I had small breasts for a long time. I believe it is entirely possible for men and women to find flat-chested women and women with small breasts sexy without being pedeophiles. But then I also believe it’s perfectly possible to shave your pubes entirely reasons of comfort and aesthetics without rejecting your adulthood and your having passed through puberty.

I used to read Shayla the Little Pink Mouse (sadly no longer around on this wonderful wide web) which (ignore the furry for a bit) was drawn about a protagonist who was a tomboy and had a flat chest. The writer said that he felt that her being small and having a flat chest was not a reason to read the comic and he cited small breasted porn stars as some sort of proof of this.

I don’t know about porn but I do know about women needing to feel comfortable in their own skins. You don’t need anyone else to find you sexy to feel good about yourself but you do not need to be told that having small breasts means the only way someone will be attracted to you is if they’re perverted.

Nor do you need to be informed as a woman that certain sexual expressions are abhorrent.

I think that if you are adult enough to watch porn you are adult enough to make your choice as to preferring curvaceous women or women with smaller breast sizes. Australian censors do not think so. As with most cesorship this pisses me off.

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