The Jellicle had his birthday today, I failed at giving him the most amazing present in the world ever but am determined to make up for this by being A WONDERFUL GIRLFRIEND TM for the rest of the year.

We watched Serial Experiments Lain, well I worked and finalised bits of a game I’m running tomorrow (which I’m now panicking has been too hyped and will not live up to expectations). I have a whole lot of pirates coming and hopefully we get to find out if The Pirate happened, or not.

I do enjoy Lain, Alice is clearly the protaganist. Lain is The White Rabbit. It’s an interesting story. Gods, I hope I tell interesting stories. I want this writing gig to work out. I need to get this life of mine really going.

Here’s hoping.

One thought on “Birthdays

  1. You are an awesome story teller (from what little I know of your talents). The writing gig will go perfectly. I’m sure. 🙂


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