Boardgames on a Sunday

I’m not going to make it something that happens often but I will do it regularly I think.

Had people (far too many because I wasn’t really keeping track) come round to play Talisman and other stuffs. In the end it was mostly an epic game of Talisman, which Goat won, for anyone who is interested. Many people ate and played and chatted and it was all really, really nice.

I can’t get over how much I LOVE cooking for people, lots and lots of people, just the providing food thing I really really like doing. Hopefully people like the food I give them (which is why I suffer vegetarian paranoia) and lots of people eating is some sort of heaven for me.

Which is of course why I’m so attracted to people with food allergies, eating disorders and of complete and utter pickiness. It’s my inner masochist.

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