Crashed the Car!

It’s ok, I’m fine and the ‘crash’ such as it was took place at incredibly slow speeds and ended with me cracking a headlight cover against a brick wall. There was actually time enough for me to realise I wasn’t turning (but rather was continueing towards a wall) and brake, try cadence braking, change down gears and slow the car down before actually hitting the wall. A nice man gave me a shove off and a police-woman came to help. I saw a lot of cars worse off than me. This all came about because I was sent home from work early (but given things refroze at three o’clock I’m relieved I left). I also arrived late…and coming out of my road nearly slid sideways into a car! That was actually slightly more scary than hitting the wall.

I ended up parked in a space on the main road when I came back. I’m also reasonably determined not to feel guilty at leaving work early – it was not safe driving conditions and even though the snow stopped and melted the driving conditions did get worse.

In anycase, tomorrow I have off, then two more days at work and finally I’m done. Then…Fantomaster.

2 thoughts on “Crashed the Car!

  1. Don’t drive. For the love of the Gods … same advice to anyone with a small not-snow-worthy car. Stay off the road, it’s not worth your lives/health.

  2. When I drove down the only bad part of the drive was my own road. I checked the radio and my route was fine. Unfortunately it got worse, so I stand by my driving down there, but also by my leaving two hours later!

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