Once In A Blue Moon

Well everyone’s saying it’s going to be a good year and I’m feeling pretty good. So I’m hoping so too! Last night’s party was chilled out and relaxed, I like the afternoon of people dropping by to say hello and once again a whole lot of people dropped in that I wouldn’t normally see. Course I prefer it when new Years Eve is on a weekend as that means the people who work during the week tend to turn up.

Yesterday I cooked, cleaned, unpacked a bit and arranged booze. Then people started turning up, Penguin left mead on the doorstep, Erik turned up with his Teacher in tow, Beaker came in and we had the sort of conversation we used to have in Daemonbooks when I was painting the mural, ie. we plotted to take over the world using a blu-tac golem. Cornish Bloke took up position next to the Christmas Cake and sandwiches, a Magic Game started when the Ex-Warder and his boyfriend turned up shortly after Weasel. It was mellow and chilled and it set the mood for the rest of the night perfectly.

There was much smooching. I liked that. I do like kissing a lot of people.

The first coctails were enjoyed by myself and Cornish Bloke, we also had absinthes since we could appreciate them. Mew apparently enjoyed the absinthe and I noted it to myself to try it out on her another time. It was my good absinthe so it was hidden immeadiately.

I lost my shirt at some point because in some strange reversal of fortune Archie threw his drink over me! I’d changed into my coctail bunny outfit. It was mildly revealing once I’d removed the shirt…and I mixed drinks, made food and I had a whale of a time! There was kissing and talking and cooking and – everything in the garden truly was lovely. M-i-L was noticebly absent around midnight, FJ and myself went up to see if she was ok (passed out not on the comfy mattress but on the wooden floor of the library…obviously).

Midnight came and went with fizz and Auld Lang Syne (was only the Fire Pixie and me actually singing I reckon). Then we had a symbl in the back yard, open and interesting and good, definitly good in terms of participants. I toasted and declared the quest in front of a bizarre amount of people. There were kisses. The first kiss of 2010 from FJ was a knee-tremblingly brilliant one. Alas, no kareoke, everyone was either a bit too out of it or headed for The Sanctuary.

Weasel and the Blue Cat ended up crashing – the Blue Cat on the sofa and Weasel being the first person to sleep in my bedroom! (It’s still full of boxes). We woke up, we drank Bucks Fizz until we’d finished the Cava and nommed the Jellicle’s superbely wonderful bacon bagels. The Teenage Boy turned up, he’d left his Christmas Present behind the night before and we hung out. A perfect way to begin the New Year. Then FFG came along, Weasel, The Teenage Boy and the Blue Cat headed off and me and FFG talked about everything – well, films mostly.

Then I finally found my misplaced camera, after many many phonecalls and a trip to see the Fire Pixie (into who’s pocket I put it). The Jellicle and I took a romantic trip up to the Towow (it’s been rechristened trust me).

It’s a good start to the new Year, it really is.
So, my resolutions:

1. To get properly fit.
2. To get those manuscripts (or one of them at least) accepted
3. To make this job really work the way it’s supposed to.

3 thoughts on “Once In A Blue Moon

  1. Ahem…

    Excuse me, but I believe it was me who had the first cocktail of the night. You made it for me.

  2. You forgot when we tried to make the Teenage Boy think that you, him and the Blue Cat had a drunken threesome. So close, man, so close…

  3. I apologise Erfie! You are correct, I’d forgotten you’d had one in the afternoon.

    And Weasel – I thought mentioning that would be mean!

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