Up and Down

Ok. I’m getting paid tomorrow. By the County Council, my next step is trying to make Fantomaster pay for me.

I have decided that I am fed up of having grown up worries. Therefore I shall be having a sleepover. Yes, you read that correctly, sod girly nights that’s what adult women do. I’m having a sleepover. We will be taking over the lounge, there will be pyjamas, people will need to bring duvets/sleeping bags. There will be DVDs, CDs, make-up, facemasks, manicures, predicures, ice-cream, I may even see if they still sell magazines with dumb questionaires to fill in.

Who is up for it? Oh…I’m pretty sure this is a no boys thing…

3 thoughts on “Up and Down

  1. Sounds like fun. I never got much in the way of sleepovers when I was ‘of the right age’ (my mother had funny ideas) so I need to catch up…

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