I have a hobby called role-playing, this means I read up on obscure bits of history and different cultures across the world, I read a large number of books of all types of genre and, as I did tonight, I run around the local campus pretending to be a vampire.

This is large amounts of fun.

I liked being on stage when I was really small, I liked getting speaking parts in the school plays but, after some years of auditions I finally worked out, I am not a good actor. I am fairly rubbish on stage when it comes to acting. I’m pretty good in comedy roles (my last speaking stage-part was Edina the Head, excecutioner for Henry the Eighth in a musical version of that king’s history) but I was slightly disheartened when I realised I couldn’t act. Roleplaying means I get to act and no one minds too much how bad I am, in fact it’s better than being on stage because it’s not acting, it’s pretending, which is easier.

I like the prep that goes into the pretending as well, and not just the reading up. At the moment I’m preparing for an art show. This means prepping photographs and paintings and various things including a ‘catalogue’, which is slightly irritating because my printer has stopped working. However, I get paid at the end of the month and so may treat myself to a new printer, one that will hopefully last me a bit.

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