Father Valentine…

So, seems like Father Valentine only got minimally shouted Thankyou to today. Might I remind people that when you find strange gifts outside your door on Valentines Day you should shout to the ether ‘Thankyou Father Valentine’!

Most impressive shouts came from Hala and Bridge Road I’m told…apparently Man of Taste managed to totally confuse some early morning dog-walkers with his thankyou – see that’s what Valentines Day is all about.

For those of you who still don’t know what I’m talking about Father Valentine is an east coast thing…mainly from Norfolk. Father Valentine is an old man who has a bizarre and occaisionally bijou sense of humour. (As examples of this please feel free to comment with whatever he got you by the way.) He will delivery some truly random gifts to you on Valentines Day/Eve, all he asks is that you shout out your thanks in the old manner…such a simple thing!

This tradition seems to have found itself in Lancaster and there seem to be three competeing/combining? traditions going on in this town right now, one is the delivery on the evening before (- yes Father Valentine delivered to me last night and I shouted my thanks), one is delivery on the morning of and one is delivery on the evening of… who knows when you’ll get yours?! But you really should shout.

Yes I know that I usually post this pre-Valentines Day but I was in something of a happy zoned out trance last night!

Oh and I got a Hello Kitty bag full of random including chocolate which I shared with The Jellicle and Nordic Lady. I love Valentines!

5 thoughts on “Father Valentine…

  1. Father Valentine might have had more luck being shouted to at our house had he called a little later than 8.45am…

  2. If he’s not going to be considerate he can forget the shouting then *grim smile* Sorry, but I don’t give thanks to people (real or mythical) who are not considerate.

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