Weekend Gone and Week Ahead

I had a wonderful weekend. I really like Valentines Day, for me it’s not necessarily about romance it’s more about silly friendshippy things. Hence my adoration of Father Valentine. My favourite Father V moment of the whole weekend though, was Transcendental Freeze shouting ‘Thankyou Father Valentine’ in the LURPs meeting. Awesome!

There was romance though…The Jellicle Cat organised something amazing for me. It was wonderful and wonderful and lovely. We also exchanged silly presents on the day itself. 🙂 I have a leaf!

The LURPs one-shots went really well I ran something which could have been angst-ridden and could have been investigatory and could have been hack n slash and generally was somewhere on the hack n slash side of a B Movie. I ran for some people who I’ve never run for and who usually I’ve seen playing in Drunk Dave’s Exalted games. However, I knew they totally got what I mean by a B Movie when I saw their faces change as I did a bait and switch style of pitch. (I pitched it as a slightly on the dull side teenage angsty horror and then at the end explained the alternate title was Attack of the Killer Zombie Tentacle Monsters – anyone paying attention would have noticed that there were all the monsters mentioned in the title). I was trying to get the feel of a B Movie poster – the couple kissing above in a romantic stylee and below another image from the film where the tentacled beastie chases the couple through dark city streets. There were people paying attention! Awesome.

Now of course the week begins.

There’s no work for me from the new job this week. I’ve signed up with employment agencies again and am feeling slightly gutted and slightly foolish doing so. I started work on the new job back at the end of November, did a project for them and decided that yes I could do this. It took me a while to get the first project but the second went quicker and I resigned from my other job in Decemeber on the grounds that I’d get paid in January and February from both the new and the old jobs which would give me a solid ground from which to leap into just working freelance. It seemed like quite a sensible plan albeit a bit chancey.
What I didn’t count on was taking a little longer to get into the work than I expected and my projects neither being sent back to me to work on nor being approved for payment, and as a result all the work drying up…haven’t been paid at all by the new job and the last payment from the old job comes next week. Damn.

So, I’m writing, filling in application forms and hoping desperately for some paid work. I really wish this wasn’t a familiar situation.

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