Feel free to grab me and ask questions if you like…

Do not read this if you don’t want to know about my sex life.

Do not read this if you don’t want to know about my kinky fantasies.

Do not read this if you don’t want to know what The Jellicle and several others did for/to me today.

Right, so Archie, here’s what happened today.

It has been a long-time fantasy of mine that I get kidnapped. I believe I have written about this before today. I have a bit of a thing about the whole being grabbed and pinned and well…kidnapped.
Today my beautiful, wonderful, sexiest ever Jellicle Cat organised for me to be kidnapped!

Now, obviously he didn’t just kidnap me on his own…three others were all in on it too. Apparently theres a whole load of other people who knew about it too. So this is what happened – I was told that I should keep today free, so I did. I was told to charge up my camera, so I did. Then about five minutes beforehand the Jellicle tells me that at some point today I’m getting kidnapped.

It might seem a bad plan that he told me this but we had a discussion some years ago now that if I actually thought I was being kidnapped I would actually try and cause some damage to the kidnappers. And possibly genuinely could.

So he tells me I’m being kidnapped and I put on my headphones concentrate on what I’m writing and generally make every effort not to hear anyone coming whilst simultaneously being far too excited. A little while later – I’m grabbed! I’m dragged backwards from my chair and blindfolded, now I’m not trying to hurt anyone but I am struggling, so they pin me and chain me – due to my asthma I’m not good with gags unfortunately…then they bundle me out of the house and into a car! This is the point at which I become aware that there are more than just the Jellicle and FJ involved (what, like I couldn’t tell who was manhandling me).

After being thoroughly turned around by being driven about the place I’m manhandled back into the house (I did briefly wonder if we’d end up in Cornish Bloke’s flat) – apparently Weasel was about for both street scenes wearing a hi-vis jacket and taking pictures – just to be sure no one worried I was really being kidnapped…hey – real kidnappers take note. Also, apparently the only time there was anyone else about was when I was being manhandled in and out of the house! Typical.

Then I was tortured, chained-up and generally had a whole lot of my kinkier fetishes indulged. This is what I like about having multiple lovers, each one of them knows me well enough to be confident of doing their own particular kinky thing with me. The binomial music totally screwed with my head as well.

Eventually it was all over and they put me in a warm bath before rubbing me all over with coconut oil. Then I got to curl up in front of the fire, with sausage casserole in front of Disney’s Robin Hood – the best way ever to decompress.



Thankyou so much guys.

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