Meme I Nicked Off Lentil Even Though I Don’t Play Warcraft

In WoW, there are certain creatures that you have to kill and in order to get the reward you must bring back evidence of their demise – sometimes a body part, sometimes a distinctive possession. If your character was a quest mob and someone had decided they needed to die, what would they drop?

Bunny Middleton(VIP): Her White Rabbit pin
S’au Nam (Obsidian Arcana): Her staff…or possibly her bag though I haven’t worn that as her yet.
Felicity Ambrose (The Yellow Sign): A drawing of Roberto Manfredo AKA Robert Manning
Lily Gardner (The Yellow Sign): A small photograph of her son

Suzanne O’Leary (Unknown Armies – Chicago): Probably Sammi, her mechanomantic morse code mobile machine…which moves of it’s own free will so you’d have to catch it.
Raven Williamson (Unknown Armies – Boston): A handful of illegal/unknown pills
Anna Delores (Unknown Armies – Mexico): Her sunglasses
Michelle Merovech (Unknown Armies – France): A small glass vial on a gold chain, within which are curious markings on a piece of parchment
Dorothy Wimsey (Call Of Cthulhu): Her glasses and hairpins [her virginity alas is sadly taken…Robert Manning!]
Ashleigh Wesley (Delta Green): As many guns as she was carrying! (Usually only two) and her FBI ID
Miss Dickens (Call of Cthulhu): [The stick up her ass?] A copy of The Psammead signed by E.Nesbit
Kia (Trinity): A small lump of burning flame
Barbie Doll (Unknown Armies – Oxford): A still buzzing vibrator
Q’lina Thoth (Space 1889): The elephant gun

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