My Religiousity

At Imbolc (2nd February) I make sushi and throw soy beans, at Eostre (Spring Equinox) the Easter Bunny delivers chocolates…this is my favourite time of year, the run up to Beltane (1st May) with Imbolc and Valentine’s Day and Eostre and Hanami – hurray for Spring!

Also, apparently Easter Bunnies sulk if you find them hiding your eggs!

4 thoughts on “My Religiousity

  1. Bloody Wiccans and their religious and cultural imperialism! … :op

    Eostremonath is April, and has been for the last couple of millenia.

  2. I am a Wiccan. I celebrate Eostre at the Spring Equinox. Given that this is not a public service announcement regarding religious festivals but rather my diary I feel perfectly comfortable saying Eostre (Spring Eqinox).

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