Role-play and Stripping

So, I got naked and covered in goop and clapped by people…let me explain how this happened this time.

Quick Explanation of Roleplaying

Roleplaying – comes in two forms Live and Tabletop. Tabletop was what I first got into – a group of people (often about four to nine) agree to be people in a world which another one has created. The people playing are the Players, the person who’s created the world and storyline is the Ref or Gamesmaster (shortened to GM). These people then sit around a table (understand now?) and roll dice telling each other a story – they decide what the characters in the world do and the GM decides what the world and other characters not played by the players (usually called non-player-characters – NPCs) do. Live is basically when you dress up as the character you’re playing and run around actually *doing*, well pretending/acting out doing the stuff.

Bunny, My Character in VIP

I take part in a Vampires in Public game every other Monday. My character, like all the others, is a Vampire. She’s a stripper at a Club in town, her boss is also a vampire. She was a ghoul (regular food source) for yet another vampire for a long time so she knows a bit more about vampires than most do after only being vamped for a few months…anyway…she’s a stripper and kind of a bit brighter than you might think having been told that.
She’s trying to impress someone, so she’s been putting on Art Shows at the Vampire Court and she said that given there were several performance artists she’d put on a recital…so she organised one and then I realised she’d have to perform.

The Strip

She’s a stripper, so I knew that I’d have to strip. I can’t dance and I’m not overly happy with my body nude at the moment. Also, vampires don’t get aroused by physical things, so I had to perform a strip in front of people, most of whom would not be interested but all of whom would be role-playing not being interested. I couldn’t rely on my dancing prowess, nor being especially attractive to pull this one off. It had to be a good performance.
So I had my idea. Vampires are interested in one thing – blood. Whilst I can’t dance I can strip, in fact I have kind of a bit of experience doing that. Burlesque drew me. Burlesque with blood drew me.
I knew I had to work to a song I knew, one that suited the theme and had a beat that I could strip to…so it had to be Nine Inch Nails Closer. I also had to get everyone onside – I couldn’t get completely naked for reasons of it being on campus and in LURPS (the Roleplaying Society) so I had to act as if I was going to and then relieve people…after covering myself in golden syrup and red food colouring (fake blood).

It all came together in plan very nicely.

Then I had to do it. Before the meeting I was supremely nervous. I mean, stripping in front of a whole load of people who don’t want to see it? By the point in the meeting it was supposed to happen at I was desperate to do it. So I did.

I got applauded.

I think I’m still in shock about the applause.

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  1. Actually, a Ghoul is not a regular food source. The unofficial term for a human who allows themselves to be fed on regularly is a blood doll.

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