Rage Against The Machine

I have had a very EPIC weekend…well that seems to be the term used in any case though I’m sure any pedants still reading this blog will argue the toss with me.

In anycase, I went to see Rage Against the Machine at their free gig in London yesterday. I had a brilliant time, it’s ages since I went to see a live concert and this one did not disappoint! There were funfair rides! Going down to London with the Jellicle was a great deal of fun as the travel didn’t make him too ill and so we got to actually appreciate the place we were in instead of me leaving him to lie on a bed for most of the weekend as (I admit) I did worry would happen.

Met up with Cuddles and her boyfriend in Covent Garden as well as the rest of our Castle Moon party – M-i-L, FJ and BlueSwirl. I got royally rat-arsed (I suspect because I was drinking wine like water, it being hot and my blood-loss which deserves a post of it’s very own) and made rather a tit out of myself…but I had quite a lot of fun doing so so I can’t feel too bad. I was set up in my mind for a good weekend and for once this included getting sozzled.

Waking up on Sunday I realised this may not have been the wisest plan and set about re-hydrating myself. The weather was not set to be kind to those of us foolish enough to experiment with deliberate dehydration. After breakfast the Jellicle and I headed to South Kensington and the beginning of The Mish Tour. (For those of you not familiar I will briefly explain, between my 18th and 20th years especially, although one of the stops on the Mish tour has only been there since my 25th year, I had a bit of a prediliction for public sex. In fact, I and various boyfriends, lovers etc. got quite into working out how and when to shag in public places to the extent that in London I can take people on a guided tour around some very interesting and lovely places in which I’ve done it.)

We started at the V&A (at the top of one of the side staircases overlooking the stairs) and saw a lot of really lovely artwork, some blown modern blown-glass and an installation of flattened brass instruments particularly stick in my mind. We also got into the interactive displays and made out own monograms and bookplates. Then we headed out to Kensington Gardens (not far from the Prince Albert Memorial) for lunch in sight of the Royal Albert Hall before walking down to the Science Museum past the Royal Albert Hall (down one of the side alleys within sight of it) and the Royal College of Music (on the steps between the RCM and the Royal Albert Hall). The Science Museum has been remodelled since my adventures there but we took in the various Century of Science exhibits before meeting up with people, heading on to the Natural History Museum which has also been remodelled (somewhere in the Main Hall near the dinosaur) before taking a break from the Mish Tour to head to the gig in Finsbury Park.

It was awesome. It was utterly brilliant. There was no queue to get in, everything was superbely organised. There were funfair rides! Also stalls selling curried goat, which I had to try. It was nommily awesome! I queued for merchandise and bought a poster and a t-shirt then went and met up with FJ and M-i-L near the back where we chilled out through most of the support acts. FJ and I headed to the front to dance to Gogol Bordello who were awesome and then we all took part in the push forwards to see Rage. FJ headed towards the front as did BlueSwirl, totally lost Radio Steve and M-i-L who also headed further forwards than I wanted to so stuck with Wrong Mike and the Jellicle Cat somewhere in the middle. Eventually even that proved too much for me and I headed back for the end of the gig in front of the central screen where I moshed with the only gig participant who was up past his bedtime… yeah I moshed with a four year old. He was excellent.

I had an amazing time. Now I’m going to go crash!

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  1. It sounds like an amazing gig. Shame I dind’t have a ticket. I still had a great day though. 😀

    Glad you enjoyed it.


    p.s. "Moshing with a found year old" – Sounds epic! (As well as cute) 😀

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