It’s been a while hasn’t it?

As Erfie notes a little further down I really haven’t used this in a while.

My problem with blogging is, and always has been – privacy. Now me, I actively want to tell the world everything about myself. I don’t care for being judged, although I know that that’s what the world will do. I just, guess I’m a twenty-first (possibly twenty-second) century sort of girl. I don’t want you to censor me but equally, if you want to know I’m going to be telling you almost every single thing that I’ve done.

I intend to push my boundaries on that one actually.

The problem is, and has been over the last little while that not keeping my mouth shut and talking about how I’m feeling and reacting and what situations I’m in, would’ve ended up discussing other people’s business far too much and so, I judged that if I couldn’t trust myself to blog only about my own issues I would not blog.

I’m back!

Just to catch people up on what I’m doing these days. Still moving in to a new house in Chamber Town (my goal is to be fully unpacked before we’ve been moved in for a year!) attempting to lose weight for my sister’s wedding, train for Peru and (possibly) the London Marathon.

I leave for South America in a little over a couple of weeks with FJ, we’re out there for three weeks and return just before the university term starts. (We asked Cornish Bloke to hold his birthday in Spuds in time for our return on the 30th September! I prodded FFG but he wasn’t up for people – we all know he was born at fifty!) I’m raising money for Marie Curie Cancer Care by being sponsored for the trek to Macchu Picchu but basically I’m having my own ten year anniversary – ten years after I first went to South America I am returning and this time I WILL get to Peru (there’s a funny story about the last time I tried that involving Brazil…)

As of last night I’ve been invited to become the Pagan Federation reigional co-ordinator for around Lancaster…did I just level up from Pagan Soc? In any case there might be some pimping of Pagan events on the blog, who can tell.

There’s a lot to blog about and I think I’ve had my huge emotional rarghs/sobs/(there needs to be an emotional adjective having to do with lust/sex) off camera…so the webcam is going back up once I’ve negotiated with the Jellicle Cat and Weasel.

6 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Yay! The blog is back.:D

    Hope all is well and that I see you before you dissappear off to South America (’cause that’s around the time I dissappear off myself).


  2. @Enthusiastic – Well I intend to buy you a drink on Thursday in Spoons but I won’t be staying as I have to be everywhere that night!

    @Jez – So… yours or someone elses?

  3. For the record, I’m glad you’re back 🙂

    When you’re back from Peru we should have drinks. I’m sure I still owe you a bottle of wine…

  4. Yep, mine, but most recently Norman’s.

    A Lancaster PF RC without a beard? It’s like a new era is dawning! … :o)

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