P45s and Holiday Pay

So…I currently work as a temp for a firm of Jugglers in Steam Town. Obviously the temping agency, lets call them ‘Decisions Decisions’ is based in Castle Moon…and it’s them rather than the Jugglers that have slightly worried me.

I’m heading off to Peru, trekking through the Andes, raising money for Marie Curie et al with FJ, for a grand total of three weeks. Now, I haven’t claimed any holiday pay from DD for a while. Apparently this has accrued more than they originally told me (was expecting half pay for three weeks) and apparently this faces their payroll with a problem…there is too much to pay me for too long?????

So they’re going to send me a P45…and all the holiday pay I’ve accrued and then re-employ me after the holiday…I’m assuming this is dodgy and I’m more than slightly nervous about being re-employed, I’m currently trying to get hold of Tanned (my supervisor) so she can tell me if there’s a chance of the Jugglers knowing if I’m re-employed after I come back…

I’m confused and more than slightly worried.

So…anyone fancy paying me for writing something? At all?

Also, I seriously think that we’ve contacted aliens (finally) and the media stories are prepping us…also the MI6 agent in a suitcase is clearly connected. I’d never previously realised how extreme my insanities actually were.

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