Vamos a Cuzco!

Out bags did indeed get to Lima – very much of a relief. I have discovered that indeed my father has trained me well when it comes to obsessive over punctuality and FJ`s ability to be late is driving me to heart attack.

On that news I have discovered an ability to DRINK COFFEE! No milk only a great deal of sugar. It has taken me 28 years but I am now a coffee drinker…well, of good, Peruvian coffee anyway.

Cuzco is high up so got no idea what the altitude will do to us. On that note, I´m about to walk for four days at high altitude, I´ve trained for three years for this moment. The reason: one in three of all of us is going to suffer from cancer at some points in our lives and if you´re from Lancaster, and many other places in the UK the chances are that a Marie Curie nurse is going to help you through it. If you haven´t sponsored me then take some time to give some

Now…vamos a Cuzco!

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