Ask me and write about any of my roleplaying characters and I’ll write a little story about them etc.

For those people who do not know about my roleplay characters a brief summary:


Farshores: Oishi Sakana, a small green snotling (think really tiny goblin) princess from out of space.
Obsidian Arcana: Nam L’au, a catgirl nun currently shunned by her order for having killed her God.
Yellow Sign: Lexie Gibson, a coke addict art dealer currently (in the thirties) having been arrested for art theft.
Random Modern Horror: Sharon Faulkner, a woman in her late twenties who works for Birds Eye in Grimsby.
Vampires In Public: Lisa Wesolowski, a business woman currently running Championship Wrestling from Lancashire, a pro-wrestling organisaion.

Tabletop –

Unknown Armies:
Suzanne O’Leary, The Dragon Empress of Chicago who has an invisible El train and is at war with the True King of Chicago
Raven Williamson, An odd job lady for Wellesey in Boston who makes magical drugs and really tiny clockwork machines, she’s currently pregnant with… something
Anna Dolores, A charity worker who’s blind, currently living in New Orleans after having married her girlfriend in Chicago
Michelle Merovech, An antiquities dealer in Paris, France who also has a country house in Sarthe

Mouseguard: Maed Meadhouse, a tenderpaw (trainee) who was trained as a scientist and who is convinced that the over population of the Mouse Territories can be solved by contraception. Oh yes, she’s a mouse.

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  1. I’m actually quite interested in both Nam L’au and Suzanne O’Leary

    Or am I not allowed to pick two? (if I can pick three I totally want to hear about Maed, but only because I know nothing abotu Mouse Guard and the world needs more cute furryness.

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