Days Two and Three

Day Two:

1. I still have issues with the very idea of relationships

2. I really like telling people inappropriate things about myself

3. I would clearly have been labelled an hysteric in previous centuries

4. I have learning differences that I try very hard (an hypocritically) to hide partially as a result of finding out about them late on. They probably explain all of the previous sentences.

5. Most of the stuff I do I do in play.

6. I wish I had more time for people

7. My solutions to any problem are (and usually in this order): food, drink and sex.

8. I find myself incredibly funny

9. I want to be a published author

Day Three:

1. Be kind to me, flirt with me and smile a lot

2. Bring me Wispa chocolate bars and Cherry Coke

3. Be intelligent and/or academic at me especially within the subjects of Art (especially Ukiyoe, PRB and European fin-de-siecle), Cryptography (especially famous puzzles like Kryptos, Elgar’s Enigma etc.), History (especially 11th – 13th century, mid 19th to early 20th century), Literature (especially the Romantics, TS Elliot and poetry generally) and Physics (especially quantum theory)

4. Give good hugs, hair stroking maybe a good plan if you’re a certain type of someone…but only if you mean it!

5. Remember random stuff I’ve told you (especially about myself)

6. Make me dinner, Spaghetti Bolognaise or a good curry goes down very well

7. Have interesting desires in life

8. Surprise me with random acts of thoughtfulness

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