A Reasonably Metal Weekend

So I don’t feel too bad about having to attend Dark Side late next weekend. This weekend I headed down to Warrington to see Lady Byron and go out clubbing with her and the Beautiful Furness Barmaid who I haven’t seen since I was at university.

It was nice catching up with Lady B in her rather lovely (and very tidy) flat, Mjollnir, her cat is gorgeous though entirely responsible for my need to exit speedily on Saturday. Then we ordered pizza and started getting ready for our big night out, I of course managed to leave my make-up there and will be heading back next week for a cup of tea and a retrieval!

The pub we started out in was lovely as was the company (all people Lady B had been to school with or girlfriends/boyfriends of the same) and it definitely set us up nicely for the night. Then we headed to Wired… seriously anyone in Warrington I recommend it for a good night out. Walked in and saw the VERY FIT cage dancer and was fairly impressed, there were multiple rooms and a choice of music and all in all it started out being a rocking night. No EBM or cyber stuff just rock you could dance to mixed in with some very Darkplace/Alex stuff – maybe a little on the cheesy side and good to dance to.

Dancing to Nirvana in my awesomely gothy boots with scrappy black nails and blue and purple hair I realised I was the ideal my thirteen year old self had been striving for. She’d have killed to be dancing in a club looking like that, I even had the Hemmingway quote on my t-shirt (I’d had a choice of Satre or Hemmingway but went for that t-shirt because it’s black). I felt the night couldn’t get any better, I’d fulfilled a part of my inner-thirteen year old. Yeah well then I managed to fulfill a part of my inner eighteen year old…

Dancing to Smashing Pumpkins it suddenly got very hot behind me, so I turned round and looked right into the flameball being breathed out by the fire-eaters the club employed (who were also professional dancers who took up slots in the cage mentioned earlier). They also wore metal corsets and used some form of grinding tool…dancing to Du Hast whilst they covered us in sparks from their tools I’m fairly sure my eighteen year old self was feeling damned metal.

I went to Warrington and had a fantastic night, enjoyed the company and the entertainment and didn’t head home until three – it was a far cry from heading to London for The Torch’s hen night. All done by about eleven and though the company was pleasant enough the entertainment (Frank Sanazi) made me feel incredibly uncomfortable.
It lead me to consider whether my desires and expectations of a night out are actually fairly provincial or whether to have a good night out in London you just need a whole lot more money than I do and a massively more relaxed sense of humour.
The Last Days of Decadence is a cocktail bar in London and drinking there (is pretty much the point of a cocktail bar) wiped out my money for most of the night, it was a beautiful art deco environment, and would have had a good time just dancing in the basement once the truly discomforting entertainment was over. Wired in Warrington though, barely spent a tenner the whole night, danced and danced and thoroughly enjoyed the health and safety dodgy firey entertainment which was much more simplistic…on the whole I’m left thinking that if that night in London had only been a little less nazi oriented it might have been an ok sort of night but that as it is I prefer fire eaters to sophistication.

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