I am quite stressed out at the moment. I’ve taken on too much basically so it is all my own fault. I’m not sad but my responses at the moment seem to be taking the routes of anxiety and panic.

So I’m going to be letting people down all over the shop until I get my stress levels down. I’m thinking that having physical treatments for the blood-loss (which has been epic over the last ten months) will probably help however, please don’t take it personally when I turn around and say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the various things I’ve agreed to do over the next little while. I’m being very picky and choosy over what I end up doing and it’s about things that stress me out least.

Equally however, if my stress levels are impacting on you guys negatively and impeding you from having a good time then please do have a word. Only, pick your moments or go through an intermediary (like…ooh…The Jellicle Cat)

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