Freelance / Unemployed

I am not unemployed. This is beginning to annoy me. I do not have much work. Or indeed any this month apparently. I am not looking for a permanent job right now because I am writing and doing temporary work. I am not unemployed.

I am freelance, currently I admit, this means that I’m existing below the minimum wage. However, I am not filling in job forms, which I spend most days doing whilst unemployed. I am not hanging around the house waiting for someone else to fill up my days. I spend my day writing and doing jobs around the house when I have writers block.

Guess what? If I have lunch or coffee with you I have to timetable that into my week. If I take time out to have lunch with you I get to do it flexibly because I set my own timetable not because I have nothing to do. I am actually quite busy. I do it because I like you, but don’t expect me to be able to drop everything at the drop of a hat all the time.

Oh and updating wikis, that’s good writing warm-up as far as I’m concerned.

Rant over.

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