So, I like to try and play characters who are smarter than I am. As tonight, this is often frustrating since when I think I’ve been really clever it often turns out I haven’t been.

Lisa politicked with everyone she thought mattered and had business deals going with most everyone else…well…except for that one NPC of course.


2 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. If it’s of any reassurance, role playing Paradise is like being the last person in the room to get the punchline of a joke.
    Only "the room" is my head.

    Often, coming back from Wednesday games and, fuck it, even *months* afterwards, I’ll be looking back on actions and reactions and I’ll suddenly twig "Oh, fuck me… that’s actually quite clever…".

  2. Playing Lance is murderous sometimes. He should notice stuff I just wouldn’t, and I’m pretty perceptive. He takes notes and has a memory like a trap, I don’t. It’s tough to not metagame when in that sort of situation.

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