More Nightmares

I used to, for the longest time have nightmares, then I became determined, around age sixteen that I wouldn’t anymore, for a while I had annual nightmares somewhere between January and March that lasted around a week or a fortnight. They were pretty bad, involving running/clambering over scaffolding and down pathways and pathways been chased by creatures with ridiculous amounts of limbs etc.etc. They were bad dreams.

They pretty much went away, I think in Japan when I went through a bout of insomnia.

I’m wondering if they’re back. I’m also wondering if I just took a break from them so that my mind could come up with something worse. I think the worst part of my latest set of nightmares is that I wake up and after working out that I’m awake and it was just a dream I figure out which things my mind chose to montage this time.

A lot of paths and running and trying to explain things to people without being able to make myself understood again this time.

The considered opinion of medical professionals, should anyone be worrying about me is that this is probably a physical reaction to the large amounts of blood lost over the last year and that now I’m on pills to stop that I’ll probably be fine in a few months. So, whilst I’m not fine, I’m not really ill, just a bit stressed out.

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