I have been intending on writing a blog about how good it felt to ref Cluedothulhu on Saturday. It was relaxed but well put together and it ran pretty well.

I still think this, except that because I didn’t check on what was written on the signs warning people about the ‘Live Performance in Progress’ and ‘fake firearms in use’ I got LURPs cancelled tonight. I actually thought on Saturday morning that room books had really screwed up because there were all these prospective Sociology Students and Parents interupting our set-up. By about midday my attitude had changed somewhat to thinking that they’d have a good impression of the uni since we’d been so helpful to people asking directions.

I was wrong.

I got LURPs cancelled this week because I didn’t check what the wording on the signs was and I wasn’t obsequious to all the people wandering around the performance space as I apparently should have been.

I feel so upset that I’ve caused so much hassle for the society and worried that all the budding horror/sci fi LARP refs won’t be able to get an indoor space because I screwed up.

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  1. Mish, you know this now, but I want to say it here, too.

    YOU didn’t get LURPS cancelled.

    Room Bookings cocked up and should never have assigned us rooms that were in a department with an open day.

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