My Weekend

This weekend should have been awesome, and mostly it was. I had three days with the Jellicle over at his boyfriend’s but only two of those days when Weasel wasn’t working (and he was busy all of the three evenings) so I finally had that thing which you never seem to get when you’re polyamorous – a night to myself! Oh sainted wonder!

So…when Tarot Pupil texted on Friday to come and drink wine I figured damn straight. I wasn’t planning on having any news which would disturb me – which of course I got. The thing is with me, it’s not so much being used as ‘Auntie Mish’, it’s more specifically being asked to keep things from friends. That really cuts me up…or, in the case of Friday, causes me to order several double vodkas.
Hanging out with new people, or people who you don’t normally see together is rather interesting, and it’s always nice to see where the commonalities lie (and don’t).

Having said that, on Saturday night it was nice to tell FJ that I’d gotten drunk on double vodkas the night before and without thinking about it he demanded to know why I’d been drinking my oblivion drink of choice. Saturday was rather a busy day, saw a girl I hadn’t seen since uni, had a quiet drink with the Dr Who Fanboy and then went down the Bobbin with a whole gaggle of people and had a rather good time. Again, with that underlay of things I wish I hadn’t known, and that method of dealing that I haven’t had come so naturally to me in a long time. That fact that I simply went to the bar and ordered vodkas without even thinking about it should probably worry me more. However, I shall worry about that if it becomes a problem I rarely drink as it is these days (the upsides of having no money I suppose) and it was a good night as Weasel and I headed home with The Teenage Boy for creamy pasta bake.

Then Sunday was a small Loli luncheon with Aunty Iris over at The Cult House followed by Newt Appreciation by three members of The Cult. Then FJ and I headed out to the weapons practise which I rather enjoyed up until my shoes fell apart. A weekend with no LARP preparation whatsoever and nothing done that I really needed to – I needed that relaxation.

I don’t know if it was the relaxation or the fact that I no longer had the underlying worry about keeping things from a friend by Monday but I was much more back on form than I have been when FJ and I met up for Lace and Steel preparation that evening. I think in no small part this is down to the fact my hormones, crazy for the past year and some, may well have settled down.

Right…lets get this week done.

9 thoughts on “My Weekend

  1. Mish, your who’s-who really needs updating,I don’t recognise half the pseudonames you use anymore on this blog…

  2. On FJ "We were lovers for a time . He is living with Mother-in-Law in the house of The Cult"

    It’s true. He’s just my housemate.

  3. If you look at everyone else they progress through various things to going out with to living with.
    Living with is a relationship status, housemates is when you’re just living with them no romance – check some of the other people on the blog, like FFG or Marajuana Kiss.

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