Wanna play?

“I want to play!” said the four year old, stamping her foot and with a lower lip that threatened at any second to scream and tell Mum that she was displeased with her elder sister.

“We can’t play our inside games” sighed the six year old, “It’s summer and the Parents won’t let us back in again while it’s sunny.”

(Also, she hadn’t invented most of their outside games yet)

“I want to play!” demanded the four year old.

“Ok, ok,” said the six year old trying to figure out something to play. Then she climbed the apple-tree right outside the extension, leaving the four year old on the ground. The lower lip wobbled threateningly in case the six year old did not intend to come back down again.

“Mi…i…” she threatened

“I’m not your sister” said the suddenly upside down girl. “I’m Sweetie Witch and you have to complete a quest for me.”

The four year old’s lip stopped trembling.
“What’s a quest?”

Twenty three years later the four year old is getting married in five months time (obviously she’s not still four) and today she’s going on another quest for the Witches.

Once again, Witches is being played, and I feel very…strange about it.

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