Doki Doki

I had a really good time today. Me and The Jellicle Cat headed down to Doki Doki and really rather enjoyed ourselves – it wasn’t quite what it had been billed as and it could have done with better organisation (like ticket holders being in a separate queue from those buying on the door from the start or the musical performances and demonstrations being held in a separate room to the food and stall-holders) but I enjoyed listening to a talk on Shinto and another on Japanese Etiquette by Akemi Solloway – though perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised that there was nothing new for me in the talks?

The taiko demonstrations and what I caught of the koto and shamisen performances were really good and I got to lunch on a bento box for the first time in a while so I was in blissed out heaven. There were less stalls than I was expecting but the Jellicle Cat found that one of the stall-holders and one of the speakers was Tab from Khaos Komix – one that he and LL hugely love. I went to one of the talks with him and he was exceptionally cute, then I got to sympathising with his girlfriend who, finding herself with two boyfriends, was commiserating with me about becoming invisible to the lgbt community at large.

Then I took part in my first lolita fashion show. I got to speak about the co-ord I was wearing and stand up in front of people. I was quite happy with the look, very different from everyone else – there were a lot of lolis in sweet and no one else was casual either. I am loving this interest in fashion and all the people I’m meeting and talking to about it. Admittedly there are always bitches but I just really like these clothes and talking to other people who also like them too.

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