Winter International Lolita Day

Tomorrow is Winter International Lolita Day (first Saturday in December), only I’m intending to LARP all day and then the Jellicle has organised a sedate little gathering in the evening so it looks like I’m not going to get the chance to wear Loli tomorrow. My attempt at a winter lolita look can be seen up on youtube (yes I’m in there somewhere!) So I would probably have worn an improvement on that.

Anyway, instead of wearing loli for Winter Loli Day (yes there’s a summer one too – the first Saturday in June) I thought I’d muse on Lolita instead.

I’m not the sort of girl? woman? who was brought up to enjoy fashion or even to consider it important really. Thinking too much about what you looked like was emphatically a bad thing and so comfortable was king as far as my wardrobe went…then I got rather interested in sex and stuff that comes off/moves to the side easily became imperative. Make-up and costume were much the same, and dressing-up in costumes didn’t count as paying too much attention to my appearance – hence the rather large amount of wigs I used to have I guess…but dressing up eventually leads you to an interest in fashion and stepping out from the wings of my mother (who was reacting to her mother in turn) meant sudden accepting of hair, make-up and beauty stuff.

And Lolita is where my head is at, because when I go out I like to dress-up and for feeling beautiful, strong and individual that’s where I go, when I’m dressing for me on the outside as well as with my underwear (what I usually wear for me).

I’m too tired and I can’t do this muse justice…go and read Arika Tarakano on the subject, though I disagree with her over details the essence is right.

I am myself and a part of myself is enjoying the pretty.

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