Daily Lolita…

I’m sat here in punk-loli waiting for MoT to come over and take some pictures of me so that I can post them on the net. Specifically on Daily Lolita. I think, when it comes to the lolita outfits I wear I’ve definitely improved over the course of Loli-Club, the group Mew, Aunty Iris and I set up in Lancaster for appreciation of lolita fashion. I’ve also bought more outfits and accessories than I intended. Nothing that excessive since mainly I’ve not had the money to do so but discovering the Rocking Horse and her shop meant that loli was within budget.

Anyway, I figured if I’m really going to care about what I wear I should start posting on Daily Lolita and actually getting out there. But, not only am I wearing a punky co-ord – and punky is not something that goes down well with Lolitas, I’m sat here wearing something that I know doesn’t work yet and this is what is going to be my first post?

What the hell is wrong with me?

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