Painful Boobs

Yes this entry is exactly what it says in the title, if you don’t want to know then don’t read it.

Alternatively, read on.

So, I’ve blogged a lot about my period, it was agonising in my teens, going on the pill made it normal and not that bad, changing the pill for the coil made my womb object hugely every month(ah my little friend Lopez, lodging in my uterus), then it calmed down a bit. The timing of my periods was different but on the whole they’ve settled down since my womb got used to my coil. This month isn’t the same and I don’t like it.

Like many women I get swollen boobs around my period, sometimes they ache but this month they HURT. They feel like solid balls attached to my chest and this afternoon the left one felt as though that solid ball had needles inside it. Now I feel like someone has taken a knife to my left boob.

Yes I’m going to make a doctor’s appointment but dammit this is my blog and I NEEDED to moan.

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