Last night was quite and low-key, considering it’s the first party of three this week that makes a certain amount of sense. I had a wonderful time apart from The Princess and HB managing to miss the symbl (which was smaller than last years…but no surprise there then!) Now onwards to my birthday!

First, some resolutions:

1. I am currently 146lbs, earlier this year I was 136lbs. Next year I want to be 126lbs unless it proves unhealthy.

2. I have been sabotaging my own efforts to get published. I’m going to stop.

3. I’m going to get on top of the house until it’s an area I feel calm in.

4. (I know I usually only make three but this is an extra one) I’m going to get properly serious about my Lolita outfits, I really enjoy the fashion and it’s a hobby that makes me smile. To this end I will be posting on Daily Lolita on a monthly basis.

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