Three Things I Like About Being Thirty

1. When I feel annoyed/angry/sad/upset I know what cheers me up and I go and do it.

On Saturday I went down to the pub and had a drink and a natter with friends, Weasel, Green Hair, Candle and The Teenage Boy talked the vagaries of romance, the weirdness of people and the intrigues of roleplay. Then Aunty Iris, Goat and FJ came over from Ze Cult house, we downed fireballs and then headed to Ritual Noise for some serious dancing.

2. When I dance, I have no shame about just going for it.

It was great to bump into so many people I haven’t seen in so long, I caught up with a whole heap of people, but it was especially nice to have Non-Poncey Goth and My Second Favourite DJ say that they’d missed us. Me, FJ and M-i-L (though M-i-L wasn’t there) et al. Apparently we really go for it on the dancefloor, and we do, my night was made though when the Jellicle turned up as he hadn’t originally been going to go out. He and the Unpronounceable German had something of a dance-off. Flexible Francois attempted to out-dance me and failed, what I lack in energy I make-up for in stamina. Mishes are built like duracell bunnies – we just keep going!

3. When something has annoyed me, I know what is in my power to deal with and what isn’t and I am capable of doing this.

I woke up this morning and took charge of my situation. I cooked breakfast for myself and Evil Bilbo. I received a phonecall. I discussed budgeting, venues and practicalities and finished my morning with some light preparatory roleplay. Then I painted my kitchen. It’s been a good day.

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