You know when you wake up from a dream and absolutely *know* it was important? Well that was me this morning. So I’m going to write it out and see if anything jumps out at me.

The last parts of the dream is what stays with me; I’m in Japan, I’ve been back for another year working there but not at a school. I’m going to leave soon. My family have come to visit and we’re heading up Mount Fuji.

For some reason we’ve come up the back way. We’re heading up the boring scree slope and it’s during the day which means we’re going to watch sunset not sunrise and head down the difficult climb in the dark. My Grandma is there; it’s me, Mum, Dad, Grandma L and the Princess. I can see her heading up the scree slope (which, in my dream looks a little like a road). I’m worrying about her climbing down in the dark and also if she gets altitude sick.

We come to the first way station (actually it looks a little like one of the top ones and in my dream I identify it with the 7th). It’s full of statues which I know are Tenbu (did my dream self mean tengu?). However in my dream I’m associating Tenbu with Fuefuki Gonzaburo.

And now it seems less important. Dreams are weird.

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