This is the year that people will be able to describe me as an artist. I am determined. They may not describe me as a very good one, or they might depending on how awesome I become. But I have been actively preventing my own creativity out of guilt, stress and generally bad mental health.

Other people inspire me, either I can accept that and take what they have to offer or I can guilt because I don’t process information in the neurotypical/socially acceptable way and might offend them or cause them pain or problems.

The point is that I stopped believeing other people were capable of consent at some point because my own mental capacity had been completely different to what I understood it to be.

I’ve signed up to produce a photograph a week and I’m attempting the Pagan Blog Project again this year. I’ve even done prep for both for this week. If my creativity offends people it’s not a sign that my brain is doing things wrong, it just means I’m making something that’s on the right path.

This year will be the year of art.

3 thoughts on “Artist

  1. Glad to hear, especially about the Pagan Blog Project, it was really interesting to read and hear your views on it 🙂

  2. Have done for the last few years, I’m sadly just a tad quiet normally when it comes to commenting on blogs and such. However I thought it was worth chipping in to say that both I’m glad to see you carry on the Pagan Blog Project because as already said I found/find it very interesting. But also that it’s good to hear your continued enthusiasm towards art, I can only comment on what I’ve seen but you’re talented (especially the Mural on your stairs).

    Keep up the good work.

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